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GDP Publishes the first ever modern language translation of the world's oldest manuscript, The Syriac Clementine Recognitions and Homilies by Joseph Glen Gebhardt

For the first time ever, the highly controversial Syriac Clementine Recognitions and Homilies has been translated into a modern language by Joseph Glen Gebhardt. Grave Distractions Publications has had the honor of publishing this ground-breaking work. Found within the pages of the world’s oldest-dated manuscript, in any language, The Syriac Clementine Recognitions and Homilies tells the first-century story of a young Roman philosopher, Clement. Leaving his native land, Clement travels to the Middle East to meet the Apostles and records details of the original teachings of Jesus’ earliest followers. Clement also relays the travels of the Apostle Peter in his attempt to stop a false version of Christianity from being spread throughout the Roman Empire by an insidious deceiver. To find out more about this unique and exciting work, visit The Syriac Clementine Recognitions and Homilies: The First Complete Translation of the Text page at the highlighted link.

Grave Distractions is happy to announce Gloria Amendola's latest book Mary Magdalene: Revelations from a First Century Avatar Volume III

Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar Volume IIIIn Volume III of Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar, Mary does not disappoint. Through the author as channel for her voice, Mary speaks of strange encounters with Creator Beings. Read about her experiences with them, and how their decree changed her life with Jesus. 

In this final volume of the trilogy, Magdalene appears to the author by the river in Rennes les Bains, France. There she reveals an ancient healing technique called The True Baptism. Mary illustrates how to organize the life force from the matrix of The All and allow it to trigger our genetic code.

Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar Volume III is Gloria Amendola's fifth book with Grave Distractions Publications and currently she is working on the third book in the Tower Series.

New from Ancient Aliens star, Reverend Michael CarterA New World If You Can Take It: God, Extraterrestrials, and the Evolution of Human Consciousness

If you've been waiting for a new book by Ancient Aliens star, Michael Carter A New World If You Can Take It God, Extraterrestrials, and the Evolution of Human Consciousness book cover Reverend Michael Carter, we've got you covered.  A New World If You Can Take It: God, Extraterrestrials, and the Evolution of Human Consciousness will be released the title at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment's annual Ancient Mysteries Conference, October 9-12, and will be available for general release on October 13th.

Drawing on the works of such giants as Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin, it is well established that many in the UFO community believe that our ancient ancestors mistook extraterrestrial visitors for all powerful deities. Reverend Carter builds on this outlook by reexamining religious and spiritual philosophies and demonstrating how off-world intelligences shaped early religious teachings. This book courageously asks, and answers, the next rational question: How can one reconcile spirituality and faith with a belief that ancient astronauts influenced the events depicted in humanity’s greatest holy texts? Expanding on this line of questioning, Reverend Carter explores how expanding one’s spiritual consciousness may actually lead to the next step in human evolution. Click here to find out more about this title.

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Saddle up for Clinton Swick's Just Me Telling It My Way: A Collection of Cowboy Poetry

Clinton Swick has the distinction of being Grave Distractions Publications' first cowboy poet. Swick's first work, Just Me Telling It My Way: A Collection of Cowboy Poetry consists of 50-plus poems that are, first and foremost, stories. They just happen to rhyme as they weave campfire tales of men riding across a frontier of prairies and mountains. They tell of those riders' encounters with other men, women, children, animals, and sometimes with spirits not of this earth. Poetry, yes, but poetry in the tradition of Louis L'amour's and Zane Grey's Western novels. The man riding up to your campfire might be hoping to share your coffee or planning to leave you dead. Flash floods, grizzly bears, stampedes—even a joke that ceases to be funny can be as dangerous as a man facing you with his hand hovering near his six-gun. But these poems of the Old West also prove humor can be found in any situation, and the lone rider never knows when romance is laying in wait to ambush him. Click here to find out more about Just Me Telling It My Way.

Jeff Nisbet's Creepy Crawly Provincetown: A Grave Distractions Walking Tour is out !

Are you planning a trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts any time soon and looking to do an extraordinary way to remember your vacation? We’ve got yCreepy Crawly Provincetownou covered. Creepy Crawly Provincetown: A Grave Distractions Walking Tour is a hauntingly delightful guidebook to 22 different sites in and around Provincetown that have long been known by locals as being visited by ghosts and other supernatural apparitions. The guidebook is perfect for individuals, groups, or families wishing to add a unique dimension to their Provincetown vacation experience. Each entry contains a short history of each site, photographs, Google Maps links and GPS coordinates to assist you on your Provincetown ghost tour. Also included with each paranormal site entry are social media and popular review website listings making it easy to share your experiences with your friends and family. Also included in this text is a beginner’s guide to ghost hunting and safety precautions to take while visiting Provincetown’s repository of haints and haunts. Finally, we’ve included a listing of local not so supernatural events if you’re looking to pass your day in Provincetown taking part of neighborhood festivities. To find out more about Creepy Crawly Provincetown: A Grave Distractions Walking Tour visit the book's page here.

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