Barriers of Belief

The Barriers of Belief

Brian J. Allan

eBook ISBN: 9781452428376

The Barriers of Belief Synopsis

Although there are many descriptions of bizarre and eerie encounters contained in the pages of this book, one thing that quickly becomes clear is that there is only hair-thin line separating supposed extraterrestrials from virtually all the supernatural creatures found in myth and legend. The difference, where it exists, is based solely upon the perceptions and beliefs of the individual and the context in which the encounter occurs. It should be made clear from the outset that while this is not a book concentrating solely on alien abductions, it does describe situations where ordinary human beings have been placed in situations where the lines separating objective reality and fantasy become permeable.

The book, which contains several first hand investigations conducted by the author, also suggests that the mind numbing horrors so graphically described in the works of HP Lovecraft may be founded in the multiverse that surrounds our own version of reality. While the possibility of extraterrestrial interference cannot of course be ruled out, traditional folklore is replete with accounts that, if left in their context, describe contact and interaction with trolls, bogarts, ogres, fairies, elves, the sidhe, goblins, demons and many other entities inhabiting the very fringes of perception.

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About Author Brian J. Allan

Brian Allan is a Scottish born investigator, researcher, presenter, scriptwriter and author whose specialty is the paranormal in all its diverse forms. Brian has been privileged to witness paranormal phenomena at first hand and has written about this in his books. He has also extensively investigated the legends behind the almost legendary Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and believes he has discovered the existence of functioning portal inside the chapel and, crucially, also the means to activate it. Brian has also been the editor of Paranormal magazine.

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