The Beatles and Vedic Astrology

Dean Dominic De Lucia

eBook ISBN: 9781452467047
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The Beatles and Vedic Astrology Synopsis

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, were born in everyday circumstances in Liverpool, England in the early 1940s. Their rise to stardom was certainly not apparent to any human being on the face of the Earth, but there were unusual planetary alignments indicating their future status. Read about John Vipreet Raj Yoga, indicating a kingly status, Malavya yoga in the horoscope of George, the planetary period of Venus and the Beatles days of Paul, as well as the star Revati on Ringo's ascendant, symbolized by a drum beating time.

The Beatles and Vedic Astrology presents an astrological personality profile on all the Beatles, as well as a chronological correspondence of life events to the planetary periods and chart indications.  This is a must have proof for those interested in Vedic Astrology.  Rarely do we have the chance to see how the star's alignment can influence our futures on a group that defined a generation.

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About Author Dean Dominic De Lucia

Dean Dominic De Lucia was born in Bethesda, Maryland, in 1956. He studied Business Administration at the University of Baltimore, and later on completed a two-year course in translating at the Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil, where he currently resides.

He has maintained a life-long interest in Indian/Hindu philosophy and spiritual practices, which ultimately led him to take up Vedic astrology. He began his studies of the same in 1981 under Nalini Kanta Das/Tom Hopke, and has been a rather constant student and practitioner of the art ever since. His articles were published quite a few times in the older The Astrological Magazine, as well as in the newer follow-on magazine, Modern Astrology, published in Banglore.

Dean maintains a unique perspective throughout the book, one of presenting pure Vedic astrology in its original form, as it was before the times of the Muslim invaders, and without hodge-podging it with other systems. This is rare among Hindu writers on Vedic astrology, and practically unheard of from a western writer on the subject.

At the present time, Dean organizes classes on Vedic astrology in São Paulo, Brazil, where Astro Vedica was translated and published as the first book on the subject in the Portuguese language. 

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