The Believers Brian J Allan

The Believers: A Reinterpretation of Mystical and Religious Phenomena

The Believers: A Reinterpretation of Mystical and Religious Phenomena Synopsis

In The Believers, Brian Allan's fifth book, we see the next step in a logical progression of research and inquiry: are the "spiritual" and "religious" matters that humanity espouses or embraces intimately connected to, or part of, the paranormal and anomalous realm?  Is this part of a greater reality which is not only quantum in the micro- and macro-level, but also a source of manipulative intelligences, some of which are greater than our own? Some people seem destined to be used by these manipulative forces for destructive ends; others seem doomed to be dupes. Brian examines all of this with his characteristically crisp insight and rapier wit, and as always, his research is factually impeccable. This is a very important book, and one that should reside on the shelves of every student of comparative religion, mythology, Forteanism, Ufology, and the paranormal.  Brian compares cults, religious practices, relics, and personalities to their paranormal counterparts. 

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About Author Brian J. Allan

Brian Allan is a Scottish born investigator, researcher, presenter, scriptwriter and author whose specialty is the paranormal in all its diverse forms. Brian has been privileged to witness paranormal phenomena at first hand and has written about this in his books. He has also extensively investigated the legends behind the almost legendary Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and believes he has discovered the existence of functioning portal inside the chapel and, crucially, also the means to activate it. Brian has also been the editor of Paranormal magazine.

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