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Grave Distractions Publications author and owner Brian KannardAfter pursuing a degree in Finance and Economics at David Lipscomb University, Brian ran small business concerns for three years and entered the world of corporate management in 1998 for an eleven year tour. In 2009 Brian left his management career to finish his first book, Skullduggery: 45 True Tales of Disturbing the Dead, and in early 2010 opened the independent publishing house Grave Distractions Publications.  Grave Distractions has published 70 books for 22 different authors; including works from Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Dr. Robert Eisenman and American History Professor Dr. James T. Baker of Western Kentucky University. Brian also does freelance writing and his articles have been featured in such places as: Armchair General Magazine, CNN, Coast to Coast AM, Psychic Oracle Magazine, Red Ice Creations, Yahoo News, and Unexplained Mysteries. In 2013, Brian's second book, Steinbeck: Citizen Spy,  was published and examines a previously unknown relationship between The Grapes of Wrath author, John Steinbeck, and the CIA.

Brian is also a Freemason and writes, infrequently now,  the esoteric themed blog, Grail Seekers. Assisting Brian in his work is his lovely wife Laura, son Robert, and unholy black cat Preacher. Currently, Brian is considering a number of projects delving into historical mysteries.

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Author Brian Kannard discusses John Steinbeck and his role with the CIA and Operation MOCKINGBIRD with Red Ice Creations (left) and The Electric Eye (right) podcasts.

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