Bruce Brookhart

The Pattern: A Guide to Edged Weapons Training represents the culmination of author Bruce Brookhart's developed a deep fascination of how swords where used historically . He began a lifelong study of history from the Cooper Age to the Renaissance to discover the art of sword combat. As a natural extension of his love for edged weaponry, Brookhart was employed for 20 years by Museum Replicas Limited crafting fine reproductions of historic edged weapons.  
Throughout his 50 years of studying edged weapons, Brookhart hit upon a profoundly accessible method of training with edged weapons. For the first time, Bruce Brookhart shares The Pattern: A Guide to Edged Weapons Training in this fully illustrated guide to edged weapon training. You’ll learn basic techniques historically used to improve speed and skill with edged weapons. The Pattern: A Guide to Edged Weapons Training also teaches the tactics used by the men and women of the sword that kept them alive to fight another day. Finally, this volume presents a guide to how to identify and care for edged weapons in your collection.  
This text is designed as a historical guide and for informational purposes only. Please act responsibly and legally where edged weapons are concerned.

Bruce Brookhart's The Pattern:

A Guide to Edged Weapons Training

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