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Dogs to Men

James T. Baker

eBook ISBN: 9780966131710

Dogs to Men Synopsis

In Dogs to Men, author James T. Baker recounts the escapades of a small-town football team that endures the hazards of growing up. He follows “the Demopolis Dogs" through pratfalls on the field, on the stage, and in their relationships, and on their twisting trail to becoming men. On its face, it is a coming of age simple story, but Baker makes you feel both the anguish and ecstasy of adolescence. An experience that turns out to be a muddy, painful team experience.

The group of boys , who refer to themselves as “Us Dogs” appears as a somewhat disjointed team. They always seem to come together in an “all for one, and one for all” spirit. As each member of the team uniquely arrives at manhood, the similarity to your own youthful struggle awaken long ago memories. By the end of the novel, you'll be reminded that we all have come to the same end point. As adults, we have the wisdom to realize that some complete their journey in better condition than others.

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About Dogs to Men author, James T. Baker

James Baker developed his passion for history and religion while in high school, during his days as a Bulldog. He is a graduate of Baylor and Florida State Universities and has for many years taught at Western Kentucky University. Throughout his career he has been a prolific writer, authoring 22 books and over 60 articles.  His articles have appeared in such places as Christian Century, Commonweal, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and The American Benedictine Review. His creative talents and his unique points of view and insights have also made him a highly sought after speaker.  He has delivered addresses and papers in the United States, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, China, and other Asian countries. He often appears in a one person show-presentation of industrialist-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.  In addition to his teaching duties, James directs the Canadian Parliamentary Internship Program.

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