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If your traditional print book isn’t on sale in eBook formats, you’re missing out on broadening your readership. Ebooks have been steadily gaining market share over print editions in the last few years there’s no end in sight for the growth potential for eBook sales. While there are a number of do-it-yourself tools on the market to create eBooks, the use of these platforms might not leave you with the results you desire. Also, depending on your book’s layout, the process of coding an eBook can be time-consuming and requires more than a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS coding. If you’d rather spend your time writing your next book rather than wading through lines of code to figure out why your font changes in the middle of a chapter, let the Grave Distractions Publications team prepare your eBook for publication. Our rates are less expensive than you might think and all of our conversions include the following:

  • A quality layout that is readable over multiple eBook platforms and device types.
  • All eBooks are standardly created in the ubiquitous ePub file format. While ePub files are slightly different from Amazon Kinde’s MOBI file format, conversion from ePub to MOBI is a piece of cake.
  • Inclusion of embedded metadata in your book’s file. (Think of metadata as the traffic signs many eBook vendors’ search engines use to help readers find your book)
  • Creation of both a nested and full page HTML table of contents.
  • Insertion of inline images in your book’s text.
  • All of our eBooks are created using the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) standards. Ebooks created with these standards insure your book will be free of coding errors and assist in the speedy acceptance in eBook vendors’ catalogs.
  • An initial assessment of your book and consultation by our staff that could point out issues with your book you might never have seen on your own.

Speaking of eBook vendors, we have relationships with the following eBook vendors and can submit your book for inclusion in these catalogs:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple’s iBookstore
  • Baker & Taylor (Axis360 library platform)
  • Barnes and Nobles Nook
  • Flipkart (Distribution in India)
  • Gardner Distribution (eBook distribution in the UK and parts of Europe)
  • Google Books powered by the Google Play Store
  • Kobo
  • OverDrive
  • Oyster
  • Page Foundry
  • Scribd
  • Smashwords

All projects have different requirements, and our pricing reflects only the services you need. If you’re interested in getting a price quote, please contact us at info@GraveDistractions.com or visit our Contact and Support page for other ways to get in touch with us. To assist us with giving you a speedy quote, we suggest that you fill out the following questionarire about your book. The following form can be copy and pasted directly into an email, or you can download the form in a Microsoft Word Document format by clicking this link. We often find that some of the questions can also be used as a tool for authors the focus on areas of the publication process that they might have overlooked. 

Overview Questions


Email Address:

Phone Number:

Book Title:

Estimated Word Count:

Short Synopsis of your book:

1. What is the scope of your project? For example, do you need a print layout, cover design, eBook conversion or do you need some other service performed?

2. Does your book include any of the following: Images, charts, graphs, or any other graphical elements?

     A. If so, how many of each element does your book contain?

     B. Are these elements completed and in a 300 DPI format?

     C. Do you have the rights to use images contained within your text?

3. Does your book contain end or footnotes?

     A. If so, which convention do you prefer, end or footnotes?

     B. Approximately how many notes are contained within your text?

     C. Are these notes in a static format or are your notes embedded within a Word DOC?

4. Are there any specific fonts you wish to be used in your book? If we do not have a specific font available within our extensive font library, are you able to furnish us with a licensed copy of said font?

5. Do you have an ISBN for your book? If so, under what imprint is your ISBN registered?

6. Do you require a copyright registration?

7. Are you interested in having an embedded book preview generated for your text?

8. Will you be supplying us with your manuscript in a Word DOC format or some other word processing package’s format?


eBook Specific Questions

 1. What format do you require? (We generally produce ePub files for our clients. This file type is ubiquitous and can be easily converted by Amazon into their MOBI format.)

2. Does your book require extensive formatting for subchapter headings or other specific desires for the book’s structure?

3. Does your book contain external hypertext links? If so, approximately how many?

4. If your book contains references, the standard is to use an endnote convention. (Footnotes are not generally recommended for eBooks given the multitude of device screen sizes on the market.) Would you like internal links to each reference that will take readers to the appropriate reference in the endnote section?

5. Can you supply all images in a no larger than 400x500 pixel format or would you like us to resize your images?

6. Are there specific eBook vendors you have in mind? If so, who are these vendors? Would you like us to consult with you and/or set up accounts with major eBook vendors on your behalf?

7. Are there any specific design elements you would like to see in your eBook?

8. Is there any specific metadata you need inserted into your eBook? If so, please list the type of metadata. (Book description, ISBN, author name, topics, etc)

9. Do you require the book’s cover to be on the first page of the book? Depending on the vendor, this may be required or not. If you are using multiple vendors with varying requirements, do you require separate eBook files with both the cover included and excluded from the first page?

10. Are there any other design/architecture elements you would like to see within your eBook?

11. If none of this makes sense to you, but you know you want your book in an eBook edition, would you like to set up a consulting session to get you up to speed on how eBook markets work?

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