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"The darkest hour is just before the dawn"—this age-old adage has been born out over countless lives as a  true statement.  In Faith for a Dark Saturday, the noted theologian and historian James Baker shows how nine men from the Bible prove the point.  Each man tells, in his own words, the misery of his darkest hour, a time that he did not know but we do was just before the dawning of a morning of hope.  Abraham as he prepared to sacrifice his only son Isaac; Jacob as he prepared to meet his hostile brother and possible death; Moses in desert exile before he sees the burning bush and receives the commission of his life; King Hezekiah as he awaits assault from the invincible Assyrian army; Joseph as he contemplates the scandal caused by his finance's pregnancy, the apostle Peter on the Saturday between the crucifixion and resurrection; Paul as he prepares to leave for Damascus to round up Christians; the jailer of Philippi before the earthquake that will bring his salvation; and John in exile on Patmos before his vision.  You will be inspired to lean on your own faith as you share the experiences of these men, caught in fear and despair, during the agony of their own dark Saturdays, just before the dawn of a new day of hope.

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Pages: 142
BISAC Primary Subject Code: REL012040
Religion / Inspirational
Print ISBN-13: 9780966131758
Print ISBN-10: 0966131754
eBook ISBN: 9781452448091

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James Baker developed his passion for history and religion while in high school, during his days as a Bulldog. He is a graduate of Baylor and Florida State Universities and has for many years taught at Western Kentucky University. Throughout his career he has been a prolific writer, authoring 22 books and over 60 articles.  His articles have appeared in such places as Christian Century, Commonweal, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and The American Benedictine Review. His creative talents and his unique points of view and insights have also made him a highly sought after speaker.  He has delivered addresses and papers in the United States, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, China, and other Asian countries. He often appears in a one person show-presentation of industrialist-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.  In addition to his teaching duties, James directs the Canadian Parliamentary Internship Program.

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