Just Me Telling It My Way

A Collection of Cowboy Poetry

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A Collection of Cowboy Poetry

Just Me Telling It My Way:

A Collection of Cowboy Poetry Synopsis

Tales in Verse from the Old West . . .

The 50+ poems in this book are, first and foremost, stories. They just happen to rhyme as they weave campfire tales of men riding across a frontier of prairies and mountains. They tell of those riders' encounters with other men, women, children, animals, and sometimes with spirits not of this earth. Poetry, yes, but poetry in the tradition of Louis L'amour's and Zane Grey's Western novels. The man riding up to your campfire might be hoping to share your coffee or planning to leave you dead. Flash floods, grizzly bears, stampedes—even a joke that ceases to be funny can be as dangerous as a man facing you with his hand hovering near his six-gun. But these poems of the Old West also prove humor can be found in any situation, and the lone rider never knows when romance is laying in wait to ambush him.

 . . . And the New

Cowboys didn't ride off into the sunset when the Wild West became civilized. In these poems a cowboy is a cowboy, whether he's riding a horse or a pickup truck, whether he's in the mountains of Western Montana or the hills of West Virginia where the author grew up. They tell us a cowboy is anyone who's always willing to be there for someone in need, protect those that need protecting, put in an honest day's work, enjoy a good-natured prank, honor friendship and have the sense to recognize a good woman when he finds her. In the tradition of the best cowboy poets, this collection of cowboy poems tell stories in which we can see ourselves … at least, we hope that we do.

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Pages: 227
BISAC Primary Category: POE005010
BISAC Secondary Category: POE023000
POETRY/Subjects & Themes/General
Print ISBN-13: 9780989029339
Print ISBN-10: 0989029336
eBook ISBN: 9781310022173

Just Me Telling It My Way:

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Just Me Telling It My Way:

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