The Legend of Mr. Grave

Mr. Grave from Grave Distractions PublicaitonsWho exactly is the man that has become the face of Grave Distractions Publications?  We wish we knew.  While trying to come up for a anchor image for our company, we came across the picture of the gentleman on the left in the files of George Eastman House Collection. The photo represented everything that reading a good book means to us, a relaxed elegant peace that only a book can bring.

As we began to use the image, the staff of Grave Distractions started to refer to the mysterious gentleman as Mr. Grave.  The name stuck and being the creative lot that would attract a Grave Distraction staffer, a story evolved around Mr. Grave...

What was that story, you might ask?  One day we might tell our version of Mr. Grave's story, but we're more interested in yours.  Send us a story of who Mr. Grave is and we'll pick the best ones to be published on this page. Now if you actually know who Mr. Grave is, we'd be interested in finding out the real story behind the man that has come to mean so much to us. Drop us a line at if you have a clue to this man's identity.

About Grave Distractions Publications

Grave Distractions Publications is a independent publisher built on the concept that authors should be involved in every aspect of their book's production. We recognize the fact that in today's digital on-demand printing age, the needs of authors are evolving quickly. Those wishing to submit a manuscript for our traditional publishing side should visit our "Submissions" page for more information. If you're a first time author, you suggest that you view our "Independent Publishing Basics" page for a glossary of terms and an over view of our publishing model. While we are primarily a traditional publishing house, we also perform  à la carte services.

Many of those wishing to publish their own book independently are sometimes missing one or two key pieces of the puzzle that bars their vision from coming to fruition. Our goal is to custom fit an author's needs with correspondent services. We take your project's needs and create a resource package tailor made for you. Are you hesitant to do marketing? Do you just need a book cover? Maybe getting your book into a Kindle format is not your cup of tea. Visit our "Services" page for more information about our individual project services. You can also simply email us with your needs and we can find a solution that fits your needs.

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