Martha Therrell

When my daughter was little, she would ask me to read the same story over and over and over again. Sometimes, she would want me to tell her a story, by memory, precisely as it was written in the book. While this was a bit difficult, she would let me know when I messed up, and request that I start again from the beginning! To creatively avoid this situation, I began making up my own stories. We both found this to be enjoyable, so it became an integrated part of her childhood.

Recently, she asked me to write down some of my magical tales. Since we both love garden fairies, I chose to start with this one. I hope you enjoy the stories as much as we do. Feel free to elaborate and personalize the reading of this adventure. Let it come alive in your imagination.

I am just a regular mom; living life, running errands, cooking dinner, washing clothes, and trying my best to do a good job raising my daughter. I am a firm believer in creativity, and think the best way to foster creative thinking is through words, stories, and songs. The sky is the limit. Creative thinking is a pleasure that very few enjoy, and fewer parents encourage. A world of make-believe can happen right on the other side of life’s distractions. So next time you’re reaching for that remote or stereo volume, try creating your own story or song instead. Let the wonder in you come alive!

It doesn’t have to be great or terribly interesting. It can just be a story for your child that captures their imagination, or perhaps just a silly fun activity to get to know each other better.

It does not have to make any sense, or have anything to do with reality. Just take a moment to imagine wonderful worlds, words, colors, and adventures.

Happy imagination!, Martha

Martha Therrell's Chica the Garden Fairy

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