More Than Rubies Stories of Other Old Testament Women

More Than Rubies:

Stories of Other Women in the Old Testament

Charles Millson

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More Than Rubies: Stories of Old Testament Women Synopsis

More Than Rubies: Stories of Old Testament Women takes a new look at some old stories and examines them from an unusual perspective; the author examines the often under-appreciated or sometimes overlooked heroines of the Bible. Thus, here we find the Abraham story as seen through the eyes of Hagar, not those of Sarah. We see the Ruth story from the perspective of Naomi--the woman whose story it really is--and not that of the usual viewpoint of Ruth herself. The author doesn't tell the tale of the beloved Rachel, but, instead, attempts to get insight into the mindset of the less than beautiful and less loved sister, Leah. God, the author argues, is a God of the overlooked. He is a God of the dispossessed. He is the God of the underdog. It is these stories that Charles Millson examines in these chapters that bring these characters and their times to the modern reader. 

This new edition comes with discussion-provoking questions at the end of each chapter that can be used in a classroom setting or even for personal study and reflection. The author seeks to not only tell the stories in a new way, but she also wishes to make the stories find application for modern women and men of faith."

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