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About Norma Tillman, Private Investigator

Norma Mott Tillman, a private investigator with over 25 years of experience, has successfully located over 1000 persons and is known for her tenacity and her ability to orchestrate televised reunions. Norma’s background includes 11 years working with law enforcement, 2 years insurance fraud investigations, and over 20 years of private investigation. She has posed as a street person to find a mentally disturbed woman who was hiding from her family, worked undercover in a topless bar to save a man from suicide, and rolled under a mobster’s Jaguar in a crowded parking lot to install a tracking device.

Norma has authored four books, How to Find Almost Anyone Anywhere, The Man with the Turquoise Eyes and Other True Stories of a Private Eye’s Search for Missing Persons, The Adoption Searcher’s Handbook, and Private Investigation 101. She appeared on Oprah, The View, Case Closed, CNN News, and NBC Nightline. 

Norma has also recently launched, an online message board to help people find and reunite with a missing family member, old friend, or missing heir.

Grave Distractions Publications has provided eBook conversions for Ms. Tillman's Private Investigations 101 and The Adoption Searcher's Handbook.  For members of the media wishing to contact Ms. Tillman, please visit our Media Support page.

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