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After all of the proofreading, rewriting, fretting over what your alpha nd beta readers think of your book, and late night cups of coffee you’ve come to the day that you manuscript is ready to be released to the world. Even though you might not think so at that particular moment, the process of writing your book was actually fun. What comes next is the not-so-fun part of the publishing experience. You’re going to have to figure out how to turn your manuscript into an actual hold in your hand print edition. The manuscript to print process can be daunting. You’re going to have to get an ISBN, file for a copyright, figure out the book distribution process, and spend countless hours fighting with text boxes and other geeky desktop publishing software. You’re a writer, so you should be spending your time writing your next book.

If you’re mystified by the manuscript to print edition process, the Grave Distractions Publications team can take that burden off your plate. We offer:

  • Full interior layouts in color or black and white customized to your specifications.
  • Evaluation and creation of copyright notices and disclaimer statements within your publication information.
  • The ability to produce layouts with specifications for both print on demand houses and traditional printers.
  • Evaluation of image quality and copyright sourcing.
  • Creation of charts, tables, and other graphics that are necessary to illustrate points brought up in your book.
  • An initial assessment of your book and consultation by our staff that could point out issues with your book you might never have seen on your own.
  • Assistance with distribution and account set-up with major print on demand houses.

All projects have different requirements, and our pricing reflects only the services you need. If you’re interested in getting a price quote, please contact us at or visit our Contact and Support page for other ways to get in touch with us. To assist us with giving you a speedy quote, we suggest that you fill out the following questionarire about your book. The following form can be copy and pasted directly into an email, or you can download the form in a Microsoft Word Document format by clicking this link. We often find that some of the questions can also be used as a tool for authors the focus on areas of the publication process that they might have overlooked. 

Overview Questions


Email Address:

Phone Number:

Book Title:

Estimated Word Count:

Short Synopsis of your book:

1. What is the scope of your project? For example, do you need a print layout, cover design, eBook conversion or do you need some other service performed?

2. Does your book include any of the following: Images, charts, graphs, or any other graphical elements?

     A. If so, how many of each element does your book contain?

     B. Are these elements completed and in a 300 DPI format?

     C. Do you have the rights to use images contained within your text?

3. Does your book contain end or footnotes?

     A. If so, which convention do you prefer, end or footnotes?

     B. Approximately how many notes are contained within your text?

     C. Are these notes in a static format or are your notes embedded within a Word DOC?

 4. Are there any specific fonts you wish to be used in your book? If we do not have a specific font available within our extensive font library, are you able to furnish us with a licensed copy of said font?

5. Do you have an ISBN for your book? If so, under what imprint is your ISBN registered?

6. Do you require a copyright registration?

7. Are you interested in having an embedded book preview generated for your text?

8. Will you be supplying us with your manuscript in a Word DOC format or some other word processing package’s format?

Print Specific Questions

 1. Are there any books available through Amazon’s Look Inside program that you like the “look and feel” of for your text? If so, please provide a link to the book(s) or the book’s title and author or ISBN.

2. Is your book’s interior full color or black and white?

3. Are you more interested in reducing page count or having a more open layout?

4. Does your book require extensive formatting for subchapter headings or other specific desires for the book’s structure?

5. Do you have a specific printer in mind? If so, are you able to furnish the printing specifications to us? (We have specs on file for a number of print-on-demand houses including Barnes and Noble, Create Space, Lightening Source/Spark, and Lulu)

6. Would you like headers or footers for page numbering, book title, and the author’s name? Which convention for headers and footers do you prefer? Note, these elements can be mixed and include any number of conventions. For example, page numbering can be contained within the footer and aligned to the left, right, or center. The book’s title, author name, or specific chapter titles can be similarly aligned in the header section. Any number of these combinations can be included in the layout and simply is a personal preference.

7. What trim size would you like to see for your book? If not an industry standard format, does your printer support a custom trim size?

8. Do you have a preference on internal margins?

9. Will you need us to furnish you with anything other than a print quality PDF for your printer?

10. Are there any other layout features, not mentioned in the previous questions you would like to see in your book? If so, please briefly describe them.

11. If none of this makes sense to you, would you like to set up a consulting session to get you up to speed on how print markets work?

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