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Are you interested in publishing your manuscript under your own imprint and just need a little help? This is the page on most publisher's web sites that list the services they offer and their pricing structure. You won't see that here on Grave Distractions. Our approach to freelance work is a radical departure from how most freelance elements of independent publishing companies operate. Many of the companies that endeavor to assist those who wish to "self-publish" are interested in selling you their cookie cutter package that include elements you may not need. At Grave Distractions, we are interested in making your dream of publishing a book come true by custom designing the exact services you need to complete your project. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for a traditional publishing experience, please visit our "Submission" page at this link.

When you contact Grave Distractions, we will set up a consultation to determine your exact needs. The majority of our clients are interested in the following services:

  • Author consulting.
  • Book cover design.
  • Copyright registration.
  • eBook conversions.
  • Internal print layouts.
  • Resurrecting out-of-print titles in which you hold the publishing rights.
  • Submission your book to the Library of Congress prior to publication.

The majority of these services are self-explanatory, however the area of author consulting bears further explanation. Our counseling sessions can include anything from reviewing your book before publication, counseling on your book’s structure, cheerleading to motivate you to finish your work, helping you navigate through the minefield of print and eBook vendor, or you need to discuss any other aspect of writing or publication process we can help. If you have specific consulting goal in mind, please contact us with your precise goal in mind. This way we can limit our discussion to the information you need and reduce consulting times and fees for you.

The question isn't what we can do, the question is what do you need us to do for you?

Contact a member of the Grave Distractions team today at: or visit our Contact and Support page.


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