What You Don't Know About Student Loans Can Hurt You

Ce Cole Dillon

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What You Don't Know About Student Loans

Can Hurt You Synopsis

Do you think that everyone should go to college? If so, can you write a check to pay for tuition and college expenses? If you can't write a check, and you don't have scholarship money, then you are probably going to be a student loan borrower.

Like most people, you probably think that student loans are like all other financial products. They are not. Student loans are not subject to normal consumer protections. If you get in over your head you can't go to bankruptcy court to discharge your loan. And if you default, your tax refunds, government disability pay, or social security payments can be garnished administratively. That means the government doesn't have to sue you to take part of your money to pay this debt.

The student loan crisis occurs in the context of people buying more education than they could afford and borrowing for it. If you are buying a car, you don't buy a Mercedes if all you can afford is a Chevy. But we don't think that way when it comes to education. Affordability is the last question that gets asked.

After reading What You Don’t Know About Student Loans Could Hurt You, you will know that the first question you should ask is "how much can I afford". And if you have already bought college, and are now trying to pay back your college debt, this book will tell you about innovative government programs that will allow you a better way to pay back your debt, so that you can pay for your life, not just your student loans.

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Pages: 143
BISAC Category: BUS050000
Business andEconomics / Personal Finance
Print ISBN-13: 9780990868590
Print ISBN-10:0990868591
eBook ISBN: 9781311586254

What You Don't Know About Student Loans Can Hurt You

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What You Don't Know About Student Loans Can Hurt You

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What You Don't Know About Student Loans Can Hurt You

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About What You Don't Know About Student Loans

Can Hurt You Author Ce Cole Dillon

Ce Cole Dillon is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Student Loan 411 LLC. Her mission is to help student loan borrowers better understand their student loans so that they can have repayment options that allow them to pay for their lives and not just their student loans.

Ce was previously the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Chicago State University and she worked over 25 years in the Silicon Valley for technology companies in domestic and global positions. She has worked as a trial lawyer, corporate counsel, technical instructor and senior global business manager in technical education for leading firms, including Oracle Corporation.

Ce has also appeared on the Dorothy Tucker Show, WVON, Chicago, and participated in Public Affairs Radio as a co-host on the Bridge Builder’s program, and has had her own online show “Ce Says—Let’s Talk About It” on Blog Talk Radio.

Ce holds a BS Ed from Northwestern University and a JD from Santa Clara University. She is married, and lives in an historic home in Chicago. To find out more about Ce’s work and how you can improve your student loan situation, visit her company’s website at www. schoolloan411.com.

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