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Grave Distractions Publications' main business is that of a traditional book publishing company with an independent twist. We offer royalties compensation that is weighted to the author and not the publisher. We view each project akin to opening a small business with our authors. To find out more about our publishing model, please visit our Publishing Basics page and then feel free to contact us with any further questions at We also offer individual services to assist authors wishing to publish on their own. Please visit our Services page for more information on our stand alone options.

We accept manuscripts from both individuals and literary agents. In order to expedite your manuscript to our staff, we ask that your edited manuscript use the formatting outlined below. We accept manuscripts as Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX files. Given different formatting options for text, the rule of thumb is "the simpler the formatting the better." We ask that you do not utilize some of the standard formatting options available in MS Word. Many of these stock formatting conventions will distract from the review process. For example, we ask that when using bullet points, you use an asterisk instead of Word’s automatic bullet point function. Here are some other things to stay away from when submitting your manuscript:

  • Do not embed photos, charts, tables, Excel files, or auto shapes in your manuscript. If these elements are necessary, they will be included in a later phase of publication.
  • Only use the “Normal” formatting selection when using MS Word.
  • Do not utilize Word’s automatic footnote or end-note function in your final draft. We request that any citations are contained within end-notes in a MLA format. Please use only reputable sources. Sources from populist written encyclopedias and other non-authoritative sources will not be accepted in any publication.
  • Do not use the highlight text feature or change the color of text. Simple black will do just fine.
  • Do not use the page numbering feature when preparing your final draft.
  • Do not place headers or footers in your manuscript.
  • Do not use bookmarks in any section or chapter heading auto-formatting.
  • Do not use the Tab key under any circumstance. Indent paragraphs using the ruler indents.
  • Use the next page break function to separate chapters/sections.  These conventions will likely change during the layout process.
  • When quoting sources outside of your own work, utilize block quotes. The use of quotation marks or italics is not necessary when using this convention.
  • Do not embed any hypertext links within your final draft. Use the following convention when you feel that a link is necessary in your work: My publisher is Grave Distractions Publications [ ]
  • Keep the use of italics and bold type at a minimum within the body of your text. Our feeling is that if you need italics or bold type to make your statement, you should consider revising your text. If the reader needs a typographical signpost to understand a particular statement requires emphasis, you may want to rethink the wording of your statement.
  • Do not create multiple columns of text within your final draft. If columns are necessary, they will be included in another phase of publication.
  • Should you have any specialized formatting requests, please include them using the following convention centered on the line below the request. For example:

(Insert photo titled Uncle_Bob.jpg above this paragraph)

Also when naming photographs for submission, the image should be 300 DPI or greater. JPG, PNG, or TIFF file formats are the only acceptable image formats. Do not place borders, fades, or any other cute bounding boxes around photos submitted for a manuscript. Filenames should not include any spaces and underscores should separate words. For example do not use My First Car.JPG as a filename. Your filename should be My_First_Car.jpg.

Parts, Chapters, and Subheadings

All of your body text should be in 12 point Garamond. All divisions of text should include a line above and below the heading. Do not use "all caps" for any heading. All headings should be centered and use the following font sizes/formatting:

Parts: 16 Point Garamond

Chapters: 14 Point Garamond

Subheadings: 12 Point Garamond Bold

Send your manuscript to with “Submission” in the subject line. Please include a description of your book that is no longer than 350 words, an author bio (including social media links), and a marketing plan for your book. Any work of fiction that is less than 50,000 words will not be considered as a stand alone piece. We will consider all submissions and return our decision as quickly as possible.

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