Tears of the Animals

Marcia Harris

Tears of the Animals Synopsis

Poet Marcia Harris on her latest collection of verse written to bring awareness to animal rights issues in, Tears of the Animals:  “I do not claim to be a brilliant poet. But, like most poets, I have something to say and I have chosen this form.

We live in a world of injustices. Some choose to ignore them while others have a burning desire for their cause. The cause we choose is the culmination of our life experiences, not excluding upbringing, education, religion, peers and somewhat of a mysterious fire that ignites in our soul.

I suppose it’s no real mystery why I have chosen the abuse, mistreatment and torture of animals as my cause since I grew up with an inherent love of animals. But, it goes deeper than that. As I learned about certain abuses, I investigated them and, to my dismay, have discovered atrocious mistreatment of animals from the horrible beatings of animals used in the circus to the unbelievable torture of cows, pigs and chickens in factory farms and even animals skinned alive in the fur industry. And one of the biggest reasons I have chosen to help the cause of animals is because they cannot help themselves. They cannot tell of the pain and misery they endure. We are the only ones that can bring their misery to the light.

I feel that if I learn of these things, then sit back in silence, I am committing the biggest injustice of all. Therefore, I am telling their story to anyone who will listen in the form I feel most comfortable, poetry.”
Marcia Harris has always had a special place in her heart for animals.  Through years of discovering the abuse inflicted upon animals, from those used in circuses and animal fighting rings to the fur and cosmetic industry, Harris became inspired to write her second book of poetry, Tears of the Animals.  She is also the author of Tears of the Soul, her first book of poetry and is currently working on her first novel.

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