Spirits of the Border the History and Mystery of Tombstone Cover

Spirits of the Border: The History and Mystery of Tombstone

Ken Hudnall

eBook ISBN: 9781311377210

Spirits of the Border: The History

and Mystery of Tombstone Synopsis

Tombstone, Arizona is one of the most famous of the Southwest’s mining boom-towns. The city was also one of the most violent of America’s cities during the Wild West period. Within the confines of Tombstone’s borders are stories of lost treasure, out of luck prospectors, and ever present specters. In this volume of Ken Hudnall’s Spirits of the Border series you’ll find out the real story behind the shootout at the OK Corral and track the ghosts that can’t quite give up their earthly ties to that bloody day. Ken takes you to places that would have been well known to Wyatt Earps and his brothers. Boothill, the Wells Fargo Station, the Bird Cage Saloon, Tombstone’s courthouse, and many other sites are covered in this text. You’ll be able to meet the ghosts of historic Tombstone, Arizona, a town too tough to die.

Spirits of the Border: The History

and Mystery of Tombstone eBook Editions

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About the Author Ken Hudnall

Military veteran, Captain Ken Hudnall, was an instructor in urban warfare at the United States Army Infantry School and is the author of 40 plus books, including the award winning Manhattan Conspiracy series. The first in the series was written in 1992, but was a chillingly accurate portrait of the terrorist attacks on New York City in both 1993 and 2001. He has appeared on CNN, FOX News, Coast to Coast AM and other major networks as a special consultant in urban warfare. In addition to his works of fiction, he has written extensively on the issues of unidentified flying objects and national security.  Ken also hosts a nightly talk show on his radio networkthat deals with the paranormal, conspiracies, and the unexplained. Ken currently lives in El Paso, Texas with his wife.  To find out more about Ken, visit his website at www.kenhudnall.com.

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