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Walking with

the Widow's Son 

Heather Carver

Print ISBN-13: 9780982912836 / ISBN-10: 0982912838
eBook ISBN: 9781452442778
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Walking with the Widow's Son Synopsis

Often misunderstood, Freemasonry has been the center of conspiracy theorists jabs and speculations of horrifying rituals. Author Heather Carver endeavors to demystify the nature and practices in Freemasonry in Walking with the Widow's Son. Drawing from her experiences as the wife of a Past Lodge Master, Carver uses easy to understand prose and examples to make the history and observances of Freemasonry accessible to everyone. This text is perfect for the wives, children, and friends of Masons who wish to have a better understanding of the Craft. 

Review of Walking with the Widow's Son

from the Scottish Rite Journal (Nov-Dec 2011)

"...I must admit that when this book first arrived in the mail, I looked a bit askance. I soon changed my mind. This little book isn’t written for Masons, it is written for Mason’s wives—especially perhaps those wives whose friends or church members are suspicious of or ignorant about Freemasonry. And it hits its target. I have loaned it to the wives of some Brothers, and they greatly enjoyed it."

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