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Robert Eisenman’s War Territory Nation: Israel, the Arabs, and the Jewish People develops ideas conceived of while he was living in Israel’s “Occupied Territories” after The Six-Day War for five years and in the U.S.A. thereafter after The Yom Kippur War. 

There are seven pieces in all, the last Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Isle being rather an autobiographical story, but all overlap in the areas of History, Politics, Sociology, and Religion. Though each deals with somewhat different subject matter, all provide the same insights and understandings. Moreover, the reader will see that all are still absolutely valid today as almost nothing has changed, particularly the situation in the so-called “Occupied Territories”, but also on Cyprus.

Just as Theodore Herzl's Jewish State was conceived of as the solution to “The Jewish Question” and subtitled as such(unfortunately Hitler picked up the same language after that), so too “Why we Must Stop Being Jews and Become Hebrews Again” and “The Problem with Rabbinic Judaism” deal with the “Question” a hundred years later in the light of the new configuration of circumstances after the destruction of the mass of European Jewry and the Establishment of the State of Israel. However, just as Herzl was contemplating a physical transformation of the Jewish People, Eisenman is contemplating a Spiritual. 

"Arab Class Structure and the New Terrorism", "The Assassination of Feisal", and “The Nuclear Threat to Israel” deal with the ever-present Arab-Israeli Struggle and the Middle East generally. Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Isle, while an autobiographical story as noted, portrays how the author was thrust into the midst of the struggle between the Greeks and the Turks there, but reflects the same general ethos and perception. 

The solutions being considered are radical but, with the memory of the Holocaust and the possible future destruction of the Jewish People in mind, it is hoped that such questions as the destruction of Israel, the Arab mindset, the relevance of Judaism to the Modern Jew, the future disappearance of Diaspora Jewry, and the use of nuclear weaponry in the Middle East in general are faced up to with honesty and fairly as in the end what is finally being contemplated is the future survival of the Jewish People and, with it, the associated survival of the State of Israel.

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War Territory Nation

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War Territory Nation

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About Author Robert Eisenman

Robert Eisenman is the author of The New Testament Code: The Cup of the Lord, the Damascus Covenant, and the Blood of Christ, James the Brother of Jesus: The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Early Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls (1998), The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians (1996), Islamic Law in Palestine and Israel: A History of the Survival of Tanzimat and Shariah (1978), and co-editor of The Facsimile Edition of the Dead Sea Scrolls (1989) and The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered (1992).

He is Emeritus Professor of Middle East Religions and Archaeology and the former Director of the Institute for the Study of Judeo-Christian Origins at California State University Long Beach and Visiting Senior Member of Linacre College, Oxford. He holds a B.A. from Cornell University in Philosophy and Engineering Physics (1958), an M.A. from New York University in Near Eastern Studies (1966), and a Ph.D from Columbia University in Middle East Languages and Cultures and Islamic Law (1971). He was a Senior Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies and an American Endowment for the Humanities Fellow-in-Residence at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were first examined.

In 1991-92, he was the Consultant to the Huntington Library in San Marino, California on its decision to open its archives and allow free access for all scholars to the previously unpublished Scrolls. In 2002, he was the first to publicly announce that the so-called 'James Ossuary', which so suddenly and 'miraculously' appeared, was fraudulent; and he did this on the very same day it was made public on the basis of the actual inscription itself and what it said without any 'scientific' or 'pseudo-scientific' aids.

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