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About Author William Michael Mott

William Michael Mott is a writer and artist who has five books and many magazine features in print. He's written about paranormal phenomena; comparative myth, religion and folklore; UFOs; cryptozoology; pulp, adventure, sci-fi and fantasy fiction; and art and education topics. He's been a guest on in excess of 30 national and internationally-syndicated radio programs, and currently he's one of the co-hosts at  a weekly radio program, The Outer Edge.

Mike's personal web site is, where info about his writing and a gallery of his artwork can be found, and he also has a Facebook fan page. He can be reached through the web site. 

Books by William Michael Mott

Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures
This Tragic Earth:
The Art and World of Richard Sharpe Shaver
Pulp Winds
The Pulsifer Saga

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Author William Michael Mott Interviewed on the Higherside Chat Podcast
William Michael Mott Appears on the Late Night in the Midlands Podcast.

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